Domino’s Pizza Redesigned.

Domino’s Pizza Redesigned.

Dominos has made an effort to push their brand back into the front of the pizza market. And create a quality that has been slipping in recent years and following behind the prowess of such establishments as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

An important step was rebranding. Gone is the cluttered and jumbled layout of blue and red ink printed over the top of the box with mazes and kids for games as much as advertisements for their pizza, something that felt out of place and vintage without being well done enough to be worth the money. 

The new design takes the same idea of vintage and classic but does it properly.the newly designed box as well heightens the brand and makes for a design with an impact. Getting away from the crazy colors and back to a simple and elegant black and white color scheme, Dominos highlights the homemade quality. They focus the very type heavy copy on the high quality ingredients and the fresh, never frozen dough that will hopefully set this pizza apart. There are still witty and playful sayings and quips that bring humor but do not lower the brand because of the well chosen type and the skillful use of variation through size and shape.

The bottom of the box is also witty with a polite reminder to turn the box right side up so you can enjoy the pizza without it being wrong side up. It also highlights the fact that it is made in the USA and has a dish like design printed so that it looks like the bottom of the black tray. These are just a few of the subtle but important designs that make a difference in the quality of the design and the quality of the product within without changing it at all. Dominos has regained some of its legitimacy simply by updating their design and logo work to a modern color scheme.


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