Ebay – Taking the lowest Bid


 Ebay logo

Ebay has a new logo to reflect the changes that have happened to its layout and its way of doing business. But it looks like the logo among with many others, has simply been ironed out and washed to be the same size. It has toned down and lost its playfulness and its friendliness. They colors are less bold and less dynamic, the font simple and . the kerning is tight without the overlap that made the old logo fun.

 The new logo has one font that is all the same size and baseline. It is all business as if its shed its youthful and game changing layout. Which it has. The setup of ebay has changed with many companies using it to sell products at buy it now prices and driving out or burying the smaller auctions and people selling personal items. The new logo reflects this aging of the market and a more business friendly design. The bowl in the B is still fun with some variation of the stroke around it and the A has a slight pinch in it that adds a small amount of playfulness but it is ery subtle. 

 The white field keeps it crisp and clean without any junk littered around it. There is nothing that distracts from it but the tightness of the letters seems to radiate tension. it is a design with a tightness that seems to go against the general trends that let the designs breath.

 Ebay has been accused of going with the lowest possible bid on the redesign that has ignored the excitement of bidding on an online auction in place for the simple and condensed business friendly and organized design. 


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