Founders Brewing Co.


Under consideration: Art of the Menu- Founders Brewing Company


Founders Brewing Company is a company that makes hand crafted, high quality beer that is made and distributed through the USA. The menu is a delightfully open and honest design with handwritten menu printed on a wood background with light cream and a rich brown. It gives the lighthearted and whimsical nature to this brewing company with scroll work and a variation that is inviting and comforting.


There is a clear hierarchy to the menu with Headings in an all caps with enough wobble in the strokes to make it believable that this is a hand written menu from an older, better time. The color scheme is subtly shifted through the menu to shades of green and orange brown that speaks to the warm and friendly nature of the company as well as the spice and flavor of the dishes. They simple icons of beer glasses and to distinguish hotness levels are within the simple style with a single color and few details.


The back page is especially interesting with a simple break down of the day and specials. The day is abbreviated but written in a simple font that is slightly heavier than the inside menu with the bowl in the A in “Sat” filled in, giving it a high hierarchy without being obvious or obnoxious about it. the delicate, hand stippled lines breaking up the days give the page an organic rhythm while still creating structure. The  balance of the more complex and detailed “Daily Specials” logotype and tag design feels a little off but leads the eye through the design with the swoops on the end of the Y before down into the tag which shape is reiterated through boxes of the days. 


The hours of operation are understated but properly situated on the bottom of the inside with added decoration to make to stand out. It is a little lost in the bottom and has more variation in the strokes of letters and the weights giving it a playful and very bouncy feel on the base line. It helps to bring the balance down from the heavy French Bread Pizza and similarly heavy tag lines at the top of the page.

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