Long John Silver’s

Long John Silvers- Underconstruction


Long John Silvers has updated their logo and their brand, moving away from the old blue one with the tagline “we speak fish” that felt almost like a sport’s team with the san serif tall text in blue that is tracked out with a fish above it. Is this the San Fran Salmon or a sporting good’s store selling fishing equipment or a restaurant?

The new logo is far more playful and bouncy like the text is being bobbed about by the gentle lines of waves below it. Using a heavier font that is more friendly with angled lines and a shifting base line helps to make the brand feel more like a restaurant and family friendly to eat. 

The fish is a ghostly fuzz of color for insides which seems a bit strange but a less dramatic blot of color like the pervious logos. The wave lines have also been smoothed out softly and given a less dramatic change of shape that adds a more calming atmosphere that makes a more stable base for the design.  

The fish is a more delicate and better handled variation of line and shape with open spaces to let the fish hover about the logo without being weighted down but the pinky orange color seems to conflict with the somber navy of the text. The lighter greens of the waves could be read as gentle sea waves or wind if the viewer was unfamiliar with the brand. 

The apostrophe in the logo has changed dramatically from the sharp cornered wedge to a much softer, friendlier blob with a hook. it is subtle and a little heavy for the design to fit in the space between the “r” and the “s” and instead is forced above it. It could be read as a water droplet but mostly just feels heavy and teetering on the ravine between the two letters.

It does not align with anything it seems, floating in an awkward space created between John and silvers because of the shifting base lines that mimic bobbers flowing on the waves. But the dot of the I is rigid and solidified over the stem where the other letters feel like they tilt back and forth, this solidness sets it apart from the rest of the logo and makes it feel like a catching point for the eye.


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