Agency Work

During class, we had the opportunity to hear from two professionals working in agencies. I found it to be a very informative and interesting presentation. The atmosphere of working in the agency world is a dynamic and high energy. You have to be married to your job and be willing to work long hours, pull all nighters and work with clients. The importance of self discipline and creative thinking is part of what makes the job demanding and so rewarding. The presenters were both working in the position of
Art Directors more than doing the nitty gritty of the design as much as collaborating and orchestrating communication between clients, administrative, business and art professionals to shepherd the project through from beginning to end.

I found it interesting that they both focused on the burning love of design as their main motivation in being in the agency setting, having the team environment and getting to round out their knowledge with a bit of everything. The larger salary and earning potential wasn’t a key motivator and is good to take into consideration when deciding what type of job to apply for.  The importance of being a well rounded person was also key, being someone that has a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects focuses on the importance of a never ending curiosity.

The need for a creative environment and how that is catered to in the agency world was a refreshing idea after working in a small office bullpen space with no interior design considerations. It is a stagnant and stifling place to create and sketch but getting to work with fellow creatives in a team setting is appealing about the agency setting. Having a good connection to the team is huge, being able to work and happily coexist and feed off each other’s energy is a large part of being creative. When the days are long and nights are powered by caffeine, needing coworkers you can have a pot of coffee with and a nerf gun war is part of the culture of ad agencies. High achievers working together to creative projects and pieces that have a far longer and farther reach than in house and more structure than freelancing.

Working in an agency allows for more campaign and long running projects. Working with the air craft industry is a prime example, needing products and print media for the new lines and updates for different series of airplanes requires a broad sweep of applications. The ability to explore and push boundaries of a campaign or idea throughout an advertising series with digital and print media with enough funding to make it nation and international impact.


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