Design Thinking Movie

The movie Design and Thinking explored new ideas about how to create and think about design. It is a way to think about making products and experiences for consumers. I loved the reality of the film and its way to show that there is a way to fail successfully because of Design thinking, not accepting the status quo but always seeking out new designs and ways of creating to make the products better. The ability to do many quick ideas with low cost so that you can fail without sacrificing millions. 

The methodology of moving through hundreds of sketches and ideas, moving and working with brainstorming until they have ways to enact the prototypes without spending a fortune. Design thinking is translating the methodologies of design problem solving is applied to business and government projects. The ability to try new things with a risk of failure is an important part of design. Not being afraid to take risks and learn from failures is part of what makes kids in garages beat out large corporations.

Skype is a good example of how the business world could learn from Design Thinking concepts. Skype was using design thinking to rethink the way to make phone calls without the traditional restrictions of cell phone and home phone carriers. Using the internet in a new and exploitive manner to make a business model that was different than the traditional. They were going to give the program away for free. Free text and video chatting with anyone in the world using your home wifi. When the owners of Skype tried to sell it, they were laughed at and ignored because the cooperate world could not imagine a system where this could work and make money. Now Skype is a household name and making a significant shift in the future of phone calls and long distance communication. It will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years as more of the world gets high speed and reliable internet connections. Because Skype was not afraid to fail by trying something new, and being flexible through the process and designing the user inner face with the consumer in mind, they have succeeded in an ever evolving world of business. 


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