Ellen Weinstein

Ellen Weinstein is a designer and illustrator working out of new york. her distinctive style mixes the storytelling of illustration with the crispness and iconographical immediacies of design work. She describes her work as trying to tell an entire story in one moment, in one snapshot. She often writes out the narrative in full and searches for a single line to boil it down to, to capture the essence of the story and the emotion in one line. It is a challenging way to approach illustration but is successful because of her masterful understanding and execution of composition and color theory to narrate a much grander story than the one immediately recognized. She has done work for the New Yorker, her illustrations capturing a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness with animals hodgepodged together in crazy and delightful new creatures symbolic of the fragmenting and rejoining of the human identity as our worlds become increasingly interconnected and globalized. 

Her more serious editorial designs are haunting in their ability to mix environmental clues and figures to denote the struggles of race and sex throughout history. It is a mixing of techniques and executions that make them stand out in contrast to many other illustrators. She is unafraid to confront delicate topics and brings them to light with a creative and esoteric development of figure ground relationship and colors.


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