The small design studio out of Ontario Canada is made up of six designers with very different backgrounds that have come together to make a quiet but powerful team. They work with strict grids but playful illustrations that are sure to delight. they have a specialization in delicate but beautiful geometric icons. Their finesse and attention to even the finest details can take low status products and line and bring them into the high class. the contrast of their type create both intensity and life into their designs. Often large magazine style layouts combined with powerful photography and playful illustrations are just a part of what they bring to the table. The use of type in their layouts is beautiful with delicately floating strands and beautiful curves, they can also be bold and strong with corporate letters. One of their most interesting aspects is their quirky illustrations. They have a variety of shape and line often used with all over compositions to make busy but playful pieces. They can also be more stylized and cartoon like, giving a wide variety of styles that they can offer. They can be grungy and skilled with a variety of photography and illustration overlays, showing a use of grunge and corporate letter forms. They work to use everything in their design studio to underline the ideas that the clients bring, focusing on the most important art of design; clear communication with an interesting delivery that emphasizes the concepts.


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