Edward “Ted” Kinsella III

Edward “Ted” Kinsella III

Kinsella’s work is striking in its beautiful simplicity and power. The use of stark imagery and the radiating emotion of skeletal faces and otherworldly scenes that harken to the hidden corners of the human mind. But he was not always so skilled with communicating powerful and complex ideas in simple imagery that can be accessed quickly. He struggled in school with the problem facing many young artists. “Their picture making skills advance quicker than their content skills. Sterling is methodical about hammering out meaning in his images-that was gold to a serious thinking like Ted and he grabbed it.”

He moved through a stage of stagnation, searching for his own voice. I struggle with the same problems, over thinking the problems and issues facing designers and artists and the busyness of life that making actual work is often abandoned for fear of failure and lack of true voice. He moved from city to city and sought out more education and people that could inspire and move him forward. His work makes a dynamic shift away from the wanders and half hearted images that sought approval and voice in others to images of stark and complex beauty and narrative. The dark brooding presence flows from the pages of Snow Mask II, a gripping and terrifying figure of smeared white and gray with a  black abyss for a body.

His work began to tell his story and find his voice. he “abandon the myth of doing what he thought others expected of him. Ted now trusts his own hand” and has changed the way he works to reflect it. He now paints over instead of painting on layers as he finds a true voice and message into his paintings, haunting and moving with a aspect of the psychological as much as representation.


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